Our Mission

Carbon Neutral Chemicals, Produced On-site

The chemicals industry can't de-carbonize as long it relies on petroleum-based precursors. TurnOver aims to replace this reliance by providing carbon-neutral alternatives to the basic chemical building blocks needed to produce most chemicals on the market today.

We do this using cutting-edge electrocatalysts that can directly convert impure carbon dioxide waste streams from manufacturing facilities into various valuable chemicals on-site. Our catalysts have superior poison tolerance (meaning that they're impervious to harsh impurities), which translates to longer device lifetimes, lower purification costs, and ultimately, less expensive synthesis.

These unique features translate to cheaper, on-site synthesis of carbon-neutral feedstocks.

Our Technology

Well-Behaved Electrochemistry

Traditional electrolyzers suffer from disobedient catalysts that can become quickly deactivated, restructured, or overrun by impurities. This problem is solved by adding expensive purification steps to ensure that the incoming stream is as pure as possible.

Our electrodes bypass these costly practices due to their incredible resiliency and poison tolerance. We control the local surface chemistry to prevent things like oxygen, water, and sulfates from reacting with our catalyst and deactivating it.

This translates to fewer separations, lower costs, and longer device lifetimes.

Their Catalysts

Our Catalysts

After just 12 hours of continuous operation, traditional electrolyzer catalysts will restructure and drop in performance. Ours stay intact and continue working how they were designed to.

Our People

Marissa Beatty, Ph.D | Founder & CEO

Marissa is a recent graduate from Columbia University, where she conducted her doctoral research on the very technology that underlies Turnover Labs at Columbia's Electrochemical Energy Center. She has transitioned her passion for ultra-resilient catalysis away from the lab, and now leads the effort to commercialize her research at Turnover Labs.

Dan Esposito, Ph.D | Technology Advisor

Prof. Esposito has spent his academic career building the respected Solar Fuels Engineering Lab at Columbia University, where he leads research investigating new solutions for producing fuels, chemicals, and materials from low-value reactants and renewable energy. He serves as a technology advisor for many startups aiming to decrease the cost of traditional electrolytic devices.


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